fredag 13 februari 2015

21. The murder of Olof Palme - a signature crime?

After visiting a cinema a Friday night, the Swedish primeminister Olof Palme and his wife Lisbet walked down an avenue in Stockholm. A man in a hot dog stand recognized them and thought they were surrounded by three security guards: two walking before them and a very big man coming after. The two men in front of them stopped up as waiting for the pair, due to the witness. But the prime minister and his wife crossed the avenue before that, as Lisbet wanted to look in a shop window on the other side.

On that side a shooter was waiting in a corner some hundred meters away in one or a few minutes before the couple arrived. When the couple passed, Lisbet to the right and slightly in front of her husband, the shooter went up and fired two shots from a few decimeters distance. After he backed a few steps and stood there watching – but no one really saw the gun - before he started to run into a dark alley.

Several witnesses heard two shots. One witness is certain that she heard three shots. Some witnesses heard bangs with about a two-second interval, while others heard the bangs with less than one second interval. Several witnesses heard a bang, turned around and saw three persons standing up, heard an other bang and saw a person falling headlong.

Olof Palme was hit by one bullet in the back that broke the spine, ripped through the esophagus and aorta and passed out from the chest.

Lisbet Palme heard bangs and saw her husband fall. A few seconds later, she heard a bang and felt how it burned on the back. Lisbet Palme's overcoat was hit by a bullet that touched her: in through the left shoulder and out through the right.

In the corner of the shooting there was an insurance company that once was led by Olof's father and grandfather.

And that very evening the Halley comet seemingly passed rather near a star with the name Dabih (Arabic: the slaughterer). 

It was the 59th day of the year and Olof had reached the age of 59 years one month before. Outside the headquarter of Olof Palme's most antagonistic opponents, Timbro, there was a name plate with the company names Charon – Chantal – Venerdi at the bottom. Venerdi is Italian for Friday, Charon is the ferryman on Styx and both Chantal and Charon includes steganographic messages: C H and letter sums equal to 59 (A=1,B=2,...). 

Also the name Timbro is a kind of steganographic message which refers to the two children (Tore, Ing-Mari) of the founder of the company, Ernfrid Browald.

The insurance company at the crime scene is Skandia, but was named Thule at the time when the company was directed by Palme's father and grandfather. An other director of Thule was Alvar Lindencrona, the leader of the Swedish Stay Behind movement, initiated in the fifties by William E. Colby that 1973 become director of CIA.

And by the way, when John F. Kennedy was murdered in November 22 1963, the Moon seemingly passed rather close to the star Dabih. This happens every month and the passage wasn't really that close this month - sometimes the Moon cover Dabih totally - but perhaps the murderer didn't want to wait that long?