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49. The dead woman in Isdalen, Norway.

On November 29, 1970, a dead woman was found in a valley a few kilometers east of the city of Bergen. The body lay between some boulders and was badly burned. The autopsy showed that she had died of carbon monoxide poisoning in combination with an intake of sleeping pills, Fenemal. The dose was not lethal but enough to make her very dizzy or unconscious.

There was a fur hat under the body and it was assumed that she had sat up leaning forward when the fire started, because her stomach and chest had been more protected from the flames than other parts of the body. When the body was found it lay straight on its back with its arms stretched in so-called boxer position. There was no wood that burned but clothes and belongings were scattered around the site and some of them had burnt and also helped burn the body. However, the face was hard burned and impossible to recognize. 

Apparently, the body had fallen or been pushed back before it become stiff by the fire and I suspect that the burnt face comes from that gasoline was poured on the face after the top of the body had fallen back. Else the face also had been protected when she was bent forward.


The police investigation showed that the woman had lived in different hotels in Bergen and other cities in Europe under eight different identities. A badly burned false passport from Belgium was found near the body, but what is known is that no other passports have been found. Hotel staff and others had noticed her since she had been friendly, serious, elegant and confident. The last hotel she stayed at she left on Monday, November 23, when she went to Bergen railway station where she locked in her two suitcases. When the police investigated the suitcases they found nothing to identify her with, nothing but false identities. However, there was a travel scheme that showed her movements for some month back. 

The police claimed that it not is known if she took a taxi from the hotel, but a taxi driver claims he was interrogated three times by the police and that he could tell that she also had a male fellow passengers. After a period of investigation, the police came to the controversial conclusion that the woman committed suicide.

Bergenavisen, Monika Nordland Yndestad :

Five days before the discovery in Isdalen, 26-year-old hiker cross the mountain from Arna.
There is dusk out, about to be co
mpletely dark. He is near Brushytten when he sees a woman with odd dress. Her face is completely distorted by anxiety. The woman is dressed to walk on the town and not in the mountains. As they pass each other, she forms her mouth as if to say something, but is too afraid since two men dressed in coats rush for her. The men look southern. The young Bergensian is gripped by a sense of great danger.

- Something terrible happens on the mountain tonight, says the 26-year-old when he arrives in Bergenhus.

The 26-year-old contacts an acquaintance in the police after the woman in Isdalen has been found. He recognizes her in the drawings of the dead. "Forget her, she was expedited. The case will never be solved", says the acquaintance in the police.

The 26-year-old follows the council. It went 32 years before he publicly tells what he has seen.
He said that it was five days before the body was found, but he also had said that it was on a Sunday. Every Sunday he walked from Arna to Bergen to his work. He might remember wrong, maybe he had one or two days off this time, because the body was found next Sunday, not five but seven days after. On Monday two people saw smoke from the site. It's a bit strange that the body was found so quickly since that place is hidden away from the roads and the paths. 

The taxi driver who saw the woman with a man also contacted the press after a long time, about thirty years, and told what he had seen. He could not understand the police's perception and felt that the police were uninterested. The driver was a trained painter and could have drawn a sketch of both the woman and the man in the taxi. A resource that the police "missed". After thirty years he made a picture of the man.

The drawing to the right and a photography to the left of a look-alike
Also a woman had noticed the same man together with the woman. She saw the drawing in the newspaper and said she lived in the same residential area as the man and had seen many women come to visit him, among others the deceased. The man always carried a camera and on one occasion she had seen that naked pictures of women were hanging in his apartment. Early in the morning after it became known about the body in Isdalen, she had seen him burn paper in a tin can out in the backyard and shortly after he disappeared from the area. However, the woman had encountered him sometimes after that on the town and at one point he had been pushing himself close to her on the bus. She thought he was disgusting. The man seems to have lived in Bergen until the beginning of the 90s, when, according to some rumors, he retired and moved to the Netherlands.
Inside the NATO HQ in Brussels
Click on the picture to enlarge it,
and look at the third man from left.

The general in the center of the picture above is General Lyman Lemnitzer. He was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Kennedy and suggested false flag operations that would lead to military actions against Cuba. Kennedy rejected the plan and did not extend Lemnitzer's service but he was instead appointed as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe. After being accused of having participated in a conspiracy against de Gaulle, NATO's headquarters was expelled from France and a new headquarters was built in Brussels, in the SHAPE HQ in 1967. Many also believe that Lemnitzer was involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy. 

There is a high Norwegian military that thinks he recognized the woman as a woman in SHAPE HQ. And it seems as if the woman's travel schedule was correlated with demonstrations of Norwegian patrol boats with Penguin missiles. And there is a rumor that a high KGB boss arrived in Bergen the same day as the woman. This speaks for espionage, or arms deals with bribes and escort ladies involved. It is also believed that she redeemed travel checks issued by a wealthy Jewish-American, living outside New York, on a bank near the hotel to pay her last hotel bill. Also, the look-alike above is an officer in SHAPE HQ.
Image result for export of Norwegian patrol boats with penguin missiles

My theory is that she knew something that was a threat to a person or an organization and that there was an order to kill her with sleeping pills and burn the body when she was dead. But something went wrong. She was alive when she was burned. The body was unexpectedly found after a few days, instead of being eaten by animals during the winter. And then it was up to the Norwegian police to cover up for the murderer and their mistakes.

The woman has never been identified, no one seems to miss her, not even the male person she was seen with. 

Sources are a Facebook group tied to a pod of BBC and NRK.