torsdag 19 september 2019

53. Greta's speach in US Congress sept 2019

My name is Greta Thunberg, I am 16 years old and I’m from Sweden. I am grateful for being with you here in the USA. A nation that, to many people, is the country of dreams. 

I also have a dream: that governments, political parties and corporations grasp the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis and come together despite their differences - as you would in an emergency - and take the measures required to safeguard the conditions for a dignified life for everybody on earth. Because then - we millions of school striking youth - could go back to school. 

I have a dream that the people in power, as well as the media, start treating this crisis like the existential emergency it is. So that I could go home to my sister and my dogs. Because I miss them. In fact I have many dreams. But this is the year 2019. This is not the time and place for dreams. This is the time to wake up. 

This is the moment in history when we need to be wide awake. And yes, we need dreams, we can not live without dreams. But there’s a time and place for everything. And dreams can not stand in the way of telling it like it is. And yet, wherever I go I seem to be surrounded by fairytales. Business leaders, elected officials all across the political spectrum spending their time making up and telling bedtime stories that soothe us, that make us go back to sleep.

These are “feel-good” stories about how we are going to fix everything. How wonderful everything is going to be when we have “solved” everything. But the problem we are facing is not that we lack the ability to dream, or to imagine a better world. The problem now is that we need to wake up. It’s time to face the reality, the facts, the science. And the science doesn’t mainly speak of “great opportunities to create the society we always wanted”. It tells of unspoken human sufferings, which will get worse and worse the longer we delay action - unless we start to act now. 

And yes, of course a sustainable transformed world will include lots of new benefits. But you have to understand. This is not primarily an opportunity to create new green jobs, new businesses or green economic growth. This is above all an emergency, and not just any emergency. This is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. And we need to treat it accordingly so that people can understand and grasp the urgency. Because you can not solve a crisis without treating it as one. 

Stop telling people that everything will be fine when in fact, as it looks now, it won’t be very fine. This is not something you can package and sell or ”like” on social media. Stop pretending that you, your business idea, your political party or plan will solve everything. We must realise that we don’t have all the solutions yet. Far from it. Unless those solutions mean that we simply stop doing certain things. 

Changing one disastrous energy source for a slightly less disastrous one is not progress. Exporting our emissions overseas is not reducing our emission. Creative accounting will not help us. In fact, it’s the very heart of the problem. 

Some of you may have heard that we have 12 years as from 1 January 2018 to cut our emissions of carbon dioxide in half. But I guess that hardly any of you have heard that there is a 50 per cent chance of staying below a 1.5 degree Celsius of global temperature rise above pre-industrial levels. Fifty per cent chance. And these current, best available scientific calculations do not include non linear tipping points as well as most unforeseen feedback loops like the extremely powerful methane gas escaping from rapidly thawing arctic permafrost. Or already locked in warming hidden by toxic air pollution. Or the aspect of equity; climate justice. So a 50 per cent chance - a statistical flip of a coin - will most definitely not be enough. 

That would be impossible to morally defend. Would anyone of you step onto a plane if you knew it had more than a 50 per cent chance of crashing? More to the point: would you put your children on that flight? 

And why is it so important to stay below the 1.5 degree limit? Because that is what the united science calls for, to avoid destabilising the climate, so that we stay clear of setting off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control. Even at 1 degree of warming we are seeing an unacceptable loss of life and livelihoods. 

So where do we begin? Well I would suggest that we start looking at chapter 2, on page 108 in the IPCC report that came out last year. Right there it says that if we are to have a 67 per cent chance of limiting the global temperature rise to below 1.5 degrees Celsius, we had, on 1 January 2018, about 420 Gtonnes of CO2 left to emit in that carbon dioxide budget. And of course that number is much lower today. As we emit about 42 Gtonnes of CO2 every year, if you include land use. With today’s emissions levels, that remaining budget is gone within less than 8 and a half years. 

These numbers are not my opinions. They aren’t anyone’s opinions or political views. This is the current best available science. Though a great number of scientists suggest even these figures are too moderate, these are the ones that have been accepted by all nations through the IPCC. And please note that these figures are global and therefore do not say anything about the aspect of equity, clearly stated throughout the Paris Agreement, which is absolutely necessary to make it work on a global scale. 

That means that richer countries need to do their fair share and get down to zero emissions much faster, so that people in poorer countries can heighten their standard of living, by building some of the infrastructure that we have already built. Such as roads, hospitals, schools, clean drinking water and electricity. 

The USA is the biggest carbon polluter in history. It is also the world’s number one producer of oil. And yet, you are also the only nation in the world that has signalled your strong intention to leave the Paris Agreement. Because quote ”it was a bad deal for the USA”. Four-hundred and twenty Gt of CO2 left to emit on 1 January 2018 to have a 67 per cent chance of staying below a 1.5 degrees of global temperature rise. Now that figure is already down to less than 360 Gt. 

These numbers are very uncomfortable. But people have the right to know. And the vast majority of us have no idea these numbers even exist. In fact not even the journalists that I meet seem to know that they even exist. Not to mention the politicians. And yet they all seem so certain that their political plan will solve the entire crisis. But how can we solve a problem that we don’t even fully understand? How can we leave out the full picture and the current best available science? I believe there is a huge danger in doing so. And no matter how political the background to this crisis may be, we must not allow this to continue to be a partisan political question. The climate and ecological crisis is beyond party politics. 

And our main enemy right now is not our political opponents. Our main enemy now is physics. And we can not make “deals” with physics. Everybody says that making sacrifices for the survival of the biosphere - and to secure the living conditions for future and present generations - is an impossible thing to do. 

Americans have indeed made great sacrifices to overcome terrible odds before. Think of the brave soldiers that rushed ashore in that first wave on Omaha Beach on D Day. Think of Martin Luther King and the 600 other civil rights leaders who risked everything to march from Selma to Montgomery. Think of President John F. Kennedy announcing in 1962 that America would “choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…” 

Perhaps it is impossible. But looking at those numbers - looking at the current best available science signed by every nation - then I think that is precisely what we are up against. But you must not spend all of your time dreaming, or see this as some political fight to win. And you must not gamble your children’s future on the flip of a coin. Instead, you must unite behind the science. You must take action. You must do the impossible. 

Because giving up can never ever be an option.

torsdag 2 maj 2019

51. Climate is a self-regulating system

No one doubts that the level of carbon dioxide has increased since the 19th century or that this leads to increased global average temperature, measurements and observations in ice and sea sediments show this. But measurements also show that there are natural fluctuations of more than 100 ppm and that nature and the atmosphere is a self-regulating system. The ice sheet builds up at Ice Age and when the temperature rises, the melting ice cools down the increasingly heated seas and works a bit like a thermostat in an ordinary car. Ocean currents change the direction because of temperature changes and if the North Atlantic Current of the Gulf Stream were to end, there would be several degrees colder in the Nordic and British islands, which would counteract the melting of the Arctic ice.
Increased temperature in the oceans leads to stronger low pressure with increased cloudiness and stronger winds. The cloud formation shields the earth from the sun radiation, which inhibits the warming. And the winds bring up dust in the atmosphere, which also filters away energy from inhalation. Along with smoke from the increased number of forest fires from areas with prolonged drought.
There are many self-regulating mechanisms like these. But the deeper and more extensive low pressures will also lead to destruction and flooding. While forests and settlements will be burned down in the hinterland and in high-altitude terrain, floods on rivers and coasts will drowning crops and settlements and destroy drinking water resources. And then the darkness comes. The clouds and dust shield of the earth may after a long cooling process end up with a new Ice Age. Which would be needed as the ice since the mid of the 19th century has melted at an ever increasing rate. And inland ice is not only temperature regulating but a vital freshwater resource.
The current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere corresponds to a global temperature rise of about 15 degrees Celsius. But this will not mean that we will avoid cold winters and get tropical summers with warm, comfortable nights. Rather, on the contrary, the energy supplement would largely consist of different forms of destructive kinetic energy. In the end, the temperatures will fall and the winds will slow down and eventually the shielding cloud and dust layers will dissolve and the sunshine will once again reach the earth's surface. And a new, more stable climate era starts with new ice resources.

Now, compare with this: 
24:21  For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
24:22  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. 
24:29  Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: (St Matthew) 
13:19  For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be.13:20  And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days. (St Mark)
21:25  And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
21:26  Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. (St Luke)

fredag 26 april 2019

50. Miljön kring rövarna på Oxen

Vasa Real låg på Dalagatan nära Vasaparken. Jan Guillou gick där och senare också Christer Pettersson. Om Jan Guillou har jag hört att han vid den tiden var ledare för ett gäng ungdomar som snattade på Åhléns. Christer Pettersson brukade skolka och gå Dalagatan söderut mot Norra Bantorget. Där gjorde han ärenden åt en grupp hälare och blev introducerad i Stockholms undre värld. Jag gissar att det var känt bland vissa elever på Vasa real vart man skulle söka sig för att tjäna oärliga pengar och att den här gruppen av tjuvar, hälare och dynamitarder, som höll till vid Norra Bantorget och Stockholms Central, också hade kontakt med personer som Sigge Cedergren.

Reine Jansson är känd genom förundersökningen mot Christer Pettersson som Sigge Cedergrens oansenliga vän, som varken hade fast anställning eller fast boende. Enligt Reine var dock Oxen hans och Sigges gemensamma klubb. Och Reine var enligt uppgift spindel i ett nät av langare som sålde amfetamin till de langare som sålde till slutkonsumenter. Jag gissar att Sigge var en sån langare under Reine. Det fanns också en grupp kvinnor runt kvarteren vid Malmskillnadsgatan och Regeringsgatan, som uppträdde som prostituerade men som sålde amfetamin i relativt stora partier. När en langare kom för att köpa narkotika låtsades han vara sexköpare och kvinnan hoppade in i bilen, sålde narkotikan och blev avsläppt på andra sidan kvarteret. Det vanliga var att prostituerade gick på gatan tills de fick ihop pengar till narkotika och narkotikaspanare hade ingen anledning att tro att de här kvinnorna stod där med fickorna fulla av narkotika.

Christer Pettersson och Reine Jansson utanför Sigge Cedergrens
port på Tegnérgatan 16. Bilden är tagen av spanare i en lägenhet 
mitt emot Sigges lägenhet, ungefär vid tiden för mordet.
Reine uppgav för polisen att han bodde inneboende hos olika personer men han hade en mer fast bostad i Täby. Hans ekonomiska situation var lite säregen. Uppenbarligen drog han in stora penningsummor men brukade ändå betala för tjänster med narkotika. Dock hade han aldrig narkotika på sig utan den som skulle ha betalt kontaktade någon av langarna under honom, t.ex. någon av de "prostituerade". Här anar jag välorganiserade sambandsfunktioner och någon form av finansieringsverksamhet. Det är inte omöjligt att Reine, som upplevdes som en lågmäld auktoritet och något av en gammaldags gentleman, arbetade för någon illegal underrättelseverksamhet, kanske CIAs Stay Behind?

Christer Pettersson syntes beundra Reine och antog tydligt en underordnad roll när de var tillsammans. Det amfetamin som Sigge varje månad gav bort till Christer var troligen betalning för torpedtjänster åt Reine. Christer hade rykte om sig att vara en mycket farlig person som hade dödat flera personer, däribland sin egen far. Reine omgav sig med ungdomar, s.k. maskotar. De gjorde ärenden och fick betalt med narkotika. Christer hade nog i sin ungdom varit maskot åt Reine, som kanske haft kontakt med gruppen av hälare som brukade hålla till vid Norra Bantorget?

En kvinna som var receptionist på Industriförbundet och bodde på Söder hade i mitten av 80-talet problem med en granne som bodde ovanför och som kallades för "Frasse". Det var ofta slagsmål och skrik från lägenheten. Hon försökte få honom vräkt genom att börja bygga upp ett "case". En tid efter mordet på Olof Palme var det en person som ville komma in i porten när hon skulle gå ut. Hon frågade efter hans ärende och han sa på engelska med särpräglad accent, att han skulle besöka sin vän "Frasse". I händerna hade han matkassar och under ena armen hade han ett basebollträ. Efteråt kände hon igen mannen som den sydafrikanska agenten Antony White. Han hade dagarna innan setts i Säpos lokaler på Kungsholmen av en anställd på Säpo. Några veckor innan mordet på Palme hade ANC haft kongress i Stockholm och en grupp sydafrikanska agenter hade bevakat detta. Det finns en uppgift från Sydafrika att man utrett ifall deras egna agenter hade varit inblandade i mordet och kommit fram till att så var fallet. Antony White skulle av utomstående ha betalats för att mörda Palme och haft hjälp av ett antal andra agenter, däribland Craig Williamson. Antony White och Craig Williamson var bekanta med Bertil Wedin som hade varit anställd av Peter Wallenberg och på Industriförbundet. Peter Wallenberg hade varit verksam i Sydafrika på 70- och 80-talet.

Kvinnan som bodde under "Frasse" fick efter en tid besök av PG Vinge i receptionen. Vinge var också anställd på Industriförbundet och han valde ut en glasstatyett som fanns där i en monter och uppdrog åt kvinnan att skicka den till en adress i Sydafrika. Statyetten föreställde en man med en hammare i handen. Hon hade ännu inte känt igen Antony White och satte vid det tillfället inte händelserna i samband med varandra. I sin tvist med "Frasse" fick hon så småningom reda på att denne bodde i en lägenhet som tillhörde Lillemor Östlin, som i början av sjuttiotalet varit älskarinna till justitieminister Lennart Geijer och vän med Doris Hopp.

Doris Hopp hade drivit koppleriverksamhet i en våning i Stockholm med minder- och underåriga prostituerade, en av dem dotter till en polis. Våningen ovanför disponerades av en annan polis som hyrde ut den till personal från USAs ambassad. Rikspolischefen, tillika hemlig toppman i Stay Behind, påstod i ett PM till Olof Palme att bl.a. Lennart Geijer och Torbjörn Fälldin hade varit kunder till Hopp. Efter Palmes död har det också påståtts att Olof Palme själv var kund.

Jan Guillou och Elisabeth Langby var avlönade av "Hemliga byrån" för att driva Harvardfrågan mot Olof Palme. Annie Fernberg var en jurist som förekom i brottsregistret och som några år tidigare varit tillsammans med Sigge Cedergren. Hösten 1985 fick hon en tillfällig anställning på länsrätten i Stockholm som förste notarie och blev placerad på rotel 21, den rotel som handlade Olof Palmes Harvardärende. Under mordkvällen raderades ärendet från länsrättens datorer. En tid efter mordet fick hon sluta och påbörjade i stället en AMU-kurs. Såväl Annie Fernberg som Sigge Cedergren och Reine Jansson befann sig mycket nära Tunnelgatan när Olof Palme mördades. Natten efter mordet tillbringade Reine Jansson på en adress nära FRA.

Enligt Ulf Lingärde fick "Hemliga Byrån" tillgång till Säpos register över vänstersympatisörer i samband med att Vinge tvingades avgå som Säpochef när Olof Palme blev statsminister. Lingärde var själv med och datoriserade registret. Såväl "Hemliga Byrån" som Medborgarrättsrörelsen (MRR) styrdes av Sture Eskilsson på Timbro. MRR hade startats av Lundanazisten Gustav Petrén, som i början av sjuttiotalet hindrades från att bli Justitieombudsman av regeringen Palme. Medlem i MRR var advokat Lennart Hane, som var nära lierad med nazisten Karl-Göran Edquist Borgenstierna, som var bombmannen Lars Tingströms stora förebild. Lars Tingström var vän med Christer Pettersson som en tid hade bott hos Tingström i hans hus på Ingarö i Stockholms skärgård. Borgenstierna var troligen engagerad i någon gren av Stay Behind.

I ett uthus med kodlås på Tingströms tomt fanns en saxhiss ned till ett 50 kvm stort underjordiskt rum med kläder hängande som i en teatergarderob. CIA-agenter skulle i princip, i skydd av mörkret, kunnat ta sig in i garderoben och välja ut passande kläder för uppdrag i Östeuropa innan de via motorbåt och ubåt transporterades bakom järnridån. Det hade varit mycket indiskret att uppträda i västerländsk klädsel.

Det finns många möjliga kontaktytor mellan rövarna på Oxen och personer som hatade och förföljde Olof Palme. Säkerhetstjänster och underrättelsetjänster kan anas i sammanhanget, precis som misstänkt korrumperade poliser som Thure Nässén och sedlighetspolisen på Östermalm, Dan Klöfverskjöld. Det var Klöfverskjöld som i september 1985 frågade sportskytten Lars-Kristian Bergh om denne kunde åta sig att skjuta Olof Palme.

Mårten Palmes flickvän, som hade stort inflytande på bioplanerna, gifte sig efter mordet med Odd Eiken som också han varit verksam på "Hemliga Byrån". 

torsdag 21 februari 2019

49. The dead woman in Isdalen, Norway.

On November 29, 1970, a dead woman was found in a valley a few kilometers east of the city of Bergen. The body lay between some boulders and was badly burned. The autopsy showed that she had died of carbon monoxide poisoning in combination with an intake of sleeping pills, Fenemal. The dose was not lethal but enough to make her very dizzy or unconscious.

There was a fur hat under the body and it was assumed that she had sat up leaning forward when the fire started, because her stomach and chest had been more protected from the flames than other parts of the body. When the body was found it lay straight on its back with its arms stretched in so-called boxer position. There was no wood that burned but clothes and belongings were scattered around the site and some of them had burnt and also helped burn the body. However, the face was hard burned and impossible to recognize. 

Apparently, the body had fallen or been pushed back before it become stiff by the fire and I suspect that the burnt face comes from that gasoline was poured on the face after the top of the body had fallen back. Else the face also had been protected when she was bent forward.


The police investigation showed that the woman had lived in different hotels in Bergen and other cities in Europe under eight different identities. A badly burned false passport from Belgium was found near the body, but what is known is that no other passports have been found. Hotel staff and others had noticed her since she had been friendly, serious, elegant and confident. The last hotel she stayed at she left on Monday, November 23, when she went to Bergen railway station where she locked in her two suitcases. When the police investigated the suitcases they found nothing to identify her with, nothing but false identities. However, there was a travel scheme that showed her movements for some month back. 

The police claimed that it not is known if she took a taxi from the hotel, but a taxi driver claims he was interrogated three times by the police and that he could tell that she also had a male fellow passengers. After a period of investigation, the police came to the controversial conclusion that the woman committed suicide.

Bergenavisen, Monika Nordland Yndestad :

Five days before the discovery in Isdalen, 26-year-old hiker cross the mountain from Arna.
There is dusk out, about to be completely dark. He is near Brushytten when he sees a woman with odd dress. Her face is completely distorted by anxiety. The woman is dressed to walk on the town and not in the mountains. As they pass each other, she forms her mouth as if to say something, but is too afraid since two men dressed in coats rush for her. The men look southern. The young Bergensian is gripped by a sense of great danger.

- Something terrible happens on the mountain tonight, says the 26-year-old when he arrives in Bergenhus.

The 26-year-old contacts an acquaintance in the police after the woman in Isdalen has been found. He recognizes her in the drawings of the dead. "Forget her, she was expedited. The case will never be solved", says the acquaintance in the police.

The 26-year-old follows the council. It went 32 years before he publicly tells what he has seen.
He said that it was five days before the body was found, but he also had said that it was on a Sunday. Every Sunday he walked from Arna to Bergen to his work. He might remember wrong, maybe he had one or two days off this time, because the body was found next Sunday, not five but seven days after. On Monday two people saw smoke from the site. It's a bit strange that the body was found so quickly since that place is hidden away from the roads and the paths. 

The taxi driver who saw the woman with a man also contacted the press after a long time, about thirty years, and told what he had seen. He could not understand the police's perception and felt that the police were uninterested. The driver was a trained painter and could have drawn a sketch of both the woman and the man in the taxi. A resource that the police "missed". After thirty years he made a picture of the man.

The drawing to the right and a photography to the left of a look-alike
Also a woman had noticed the same man together with the woman. She saw the drawing in the newspaper and said she lived in the same residential area as the man and had seen many women come to visit him, among others the deceased. The man always carried a camera and on one occasion she had seen that naked pictures of women were hanging in his apartment. Early in the morning after it became known about the body in Isdalen, she had seen him burn paper in a tin can out in the backyard and shortly after he disappeared from the area. However, the woman had encountered him sometimes after that on the town and at one point he had been pushing himself close to her on the bus. She thought he was disgusting. The man seems to have lived in Bergen until the beginning of the 90s, when, according to some rumors, he retired and moved to the Netherlands.
Inside the NATO HQ in Brussels
Click on the picture to enlarge it,
and look at the third man from left.

The general in the center of the picture above is General Lyman Lemnitzer. He was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Kennedy and suggested false flag operations that would lead to military actions against Cuba. Kennedy rejected the plan and did not extend Lemnitzer's service but he was instead appointed as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe. After being accused of having participated in a conspiracy against de Gaulle, NATO's headquarters was expelled from France and a new headquarters was built in Brussels, in the SHAPE HQ in 1967. Many also believe that Lemnitzer was involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy. 

There is a high Norwegian military that thinks he recognized the woman as a woman in SHAPE HQ. And it seems as if the woman's travel schedule was correlated with demonstrations of Norwegian patrol boats with Penguin missiles. And there is a rumor that a high KGB boss arrived in Bergen the same day as the woman. This speaks for espionage, or arms deals with bribes and escort ladies involved. It is also believed that she redeemed travel checks issued by a wealthy Jewish-American, living outside New York, on a bank near the hotel to pay her last hotel bill. Also, the look-alike above is an officer in SHAPE HQ.
Image result for export of Norwegian patrol boats with penguin missiles
My theory is that she knew something that was a threat to a person or an organization and that there was an order to kill her with sleeping pills and burn the body when she was dead. But something went wrong. She was alive when she was burned. The body was unexpectedly found after a few days, instead of being eaten by animals during the winter. And then it was up to the Norwegian police to cover up for the murderer and their mistakes.

The woman has never been identified, no one seems to miss her, not even the male person she was seen with. 

Sources are a Facebook group tied to a pod of BBC and NRK.

lördag 1 september 2018

48. Spaningstips inskickat till polisen

Jag skickade detta till polisen via deras formulär den 22-23 augusti 2018:

Mordet på Olof Palme

I början av nittiotalet träffade jag *********************** och Magnus "Mackan" Busk hemma hos ************************************. De visste att jag var intresserad av mordet på Olof Palme och hade antagligen läst i en tidskrift "Grobladet" som jag gav ut och skickat till *****. De ville berätta om några saker de hade fått veta om Ingrid Klering och hennes far, samt om Magnus egen far.

Magnus berättade om Gunnar Busk och Agne Klering, vilka gjorde affärer tillsammans och som brukade delta på fester hemma hos Leif Nordkvist där ett ovanligt starkt hat mot Olof Palme  framfördes. Han berättade också att Gunnar och Agne smugglade mattor från Mellanöstern.

Mötet med **** och Mackan kom lite plötsligt och de berättade antagligen mer som jag inte minns nu - kanske 20-25 år efter. Men för några år sedan började jag göra egna efterforskningar om festgruppen Leif Nordkvist, Gunnar Busk och Agne Klering. Jag skrev också om dem på Flashback och fick där hjälp att googla fram information om dem, då främst skrifterna "De va’ väl allt, hälsar Leif" av Leif Nordkvist och "FTI 50 år" utgiven av Föreningen Teknisk Information. Båda skrifterna med omfattande namnregister i sökbar pdf-upplaga. 

I Nordkvists bok beskrivs huvudpersonerna i festgruppen och deras relationer till varandra. T.ex att Gunnar Busk och Agne Klering var delägare i företaget Grundkonsult AB på sextiotalet och att företaget i början av sjuttiotalet köptes upp av Jacobsen & Widermark, där de båda fick ledande befattningar. J&W gjorde stora jobb i Bagdad på åttiotalet och när Irakierna hade skickat en delegation till J&W tog Gunnar Busk hand om gästerna på Sälens Högfjällshotell.

I "FTI 50 år" framgår att Gunnar Busk var aktiv i FTI samtidigt med Babro Sagnell, av bl.a förre IB-agenten Donald Forsberg utpekad som ledare för den Grupp Barbro som beskrivs i Åke Ortmarks bok "Maktens redskap" och i Olof Frånsteds bok "Spionjägaren del 2", samt i ett flertal tidningsartiklar i dagspressen i september 1971. Grupp Barbro ska ha varit en organiserad antisocialistisk grupp som bedrev egna spaningar på socialister och nazister. Man kan anta att spaningarna på nazister hade speciella syften eftersom det framkommit att Grupp Barbro skulle ha varit en del av det av CIA organiserade Stay-behind, vilka uppfattade nazister som högst pålitliga antikommunister. Rykten gör gällande att Grupp Barbro också spanade på Olof Palme.

Ett spaningsuppslag Q9970 inkom till RK 870410 med innehållet:
"Ul uppgav att han fått höra att det finns knyningar mellan Mårten Palmes svärfar 
in spe och Boforsaffären.

Agne Klering, Ivar Vidfamnesväg. 5, Sthlm, kör en bil MCN 930, har kontakt med 
Gunnar Busk, vars son skall äga källarlokalen där Klering bor.
Klering skall ha bott på Forresta hotell under 1986.

Gunnar Busk skall ha sammarbetat med en Bengt Ingvall, vilken avled 860312 dagen efter 
att Klerings bekant Rascal ** avled. Dessa män hade en gemensam bekant, Hassan 
han som **************.( eventuellt skall Hassan ha arbetat för Ingvall tidigare). 
Männen skall ha haft något med Boforsaffärens omtalade smugglingar att göra.

Kontakten till Bofors har gått genom Klering till tidigare **************, 
vilken i sin tur har kontakter med Håkansson känd från data-affären.
Håkansson har en export och importrörelse tillsammans med 
Bertram Brinkeborn i *******************."

Enligt ett PM Q9858-5 från april -88 med information från Irans expresident Abol-Hassan Banisadr, hävdas att svenska företag, bl.a Bofors, var inblandade i den smuggling av vapen, narkotika, antikviteter och persiska mattor i den s.k. Iran-Contrasaffären. Storleken på affärerna uppgavs till en miljard dollar per år. Den italienska maffian och en italiensk greve skulle ha varit inblandade. 

Ett antal Boforsanställda (Aerotronics) befann sig nära platsen för mordet på Olof Palme: 

- Anders Björkman, som befunnit sig en tid i närheten av en bankomatlokal och som började gå 5-10 meter efter makarna Palme de sista sekundrarna innan mordet;
- Niklas Fröling, Claes Nyberg, Åsa Gustafsson befann sig i bankomatlokalen eller hade just lämnat den när makarna Palme gick förbi;
- Marco Neeser, Rolf Öberg, Leif Fredin befann sig söder om mordplatsen tills några få sekunder innan mordet och äkte sedan i bil Sveavägen norrut.

De Boforsanställda hade varit på firmafest hela kvällen för att avtacka en kollega som skulle sluta, förmodligen Dusko "Dolle" Mijatovic som hade varit tolk och översättare vid förhandlingar om vapenaffärer mellan Aerotronics och Jugoslavien. Firmafesten var på restaurang S:ta Clara c:a 25 meter från restaurang Mon Chéri där Viktor Gunnarsson hade vistats  samma tid som firmafesten pågick. 

Gunnarsson är eller har varit misstänkt för inblandning i mordet och särskilt intressant är uppgiften att han skulle varit tillsammans med Kerstin Ing-Margret Mårtensson, dotter till bonden Kurt Inge Mårtensson i Östra Ingelstad, som dagarna innan mordet ska ha sagt till en granne att Palme skulle skjutas innan lördagen med kulor som kunde tränga igenom en skottsäker väst.

En annan person som också tycka ha haft förhandsinformation om mordet var Demokratisk Allians ledare Anders Larsson. Enligt en person som kände Gunnarsson och Larsson så hade båda kontakt med WACL. Enligt samma person hade Stig Engström också kontakt med WACL - Palmehataren som kom ut från Skandias entré strax efter att Palme passerat och som säger sig varit en av de första på plats efter mordet.

Det som Mackan och **** hade att berätta om Ingrid Klering var att hon efter mordet köpt en tavla som de hade målat, för att ge i födelsedagspresent till Mårten Palme. Tavlans motiv tycktes föreställa en gestalt som låg på marken sedd genom ett kikarsikte med hårkors. Enligt dem skulle Ingrid sedan lämnat tillbaka tavlan med motiveringen att Mårten hade fått dåliga vibrationer av den.

Polisen har ännu inte kontaktat mig eller på något sätt verifierat att de mottagit spaningstipset.