Right-wing extremism and industry

Demokratisk Allians was an anti-communist organization whose leader, Anders Larsson, the week before the assassination of Olof Palme left a newspaper cuttings to the office of the Prime Minister with the text: OLOF PALME IS DEAD! 

In the spring of 1970 members of Demokratisk Allians throw a firebomb into the printing local of Vietnambulletinen. Some stood outside and blocked the door while others hacked a hole in a window shutter to the basement after which an intense burning object was thrown into the local.

On flashback.org a former member of Demokratisk Allians, "tinytiny", has wrote initiated on Demokratisk Allians and said that he knew that Åke J Eek, a teacher of psychology at the Police Academy, with a group of retired police officers in evenings conducted reconnaissance of the Social Democratic members of parliament. The search had begun in the mid 70's, at the time of the so called brothel scandal. Which is probably not a coincidence. Close to the now-or-never-election in 1976 one gazed of Doris Hopp's brothel and was hoping that some Socialist politicians would come to visit.

The apartment above the brothel was rented by a police officer to men from the US Embassy and in the flat underneath was an underage daughter to another police officer prostitute.

Maybe it was Åke's men who spied on Lennart Geijer, the Minister of Justice, as he went to his pay-friend Lillemor Östlin? Lillemor Östlin was an acquaintance of Doris Hopp. I understand that the security Police SÄPO gladly hid behind private persecutors as Åkes old men, but I suspect it was party interests and the interests from trade and industry in the origin.

The bourgeois governments was then largely pursue a social democratic policy, despite lower taxes, but with borrowed money.

National Depth of Sweden. S = Social Democratic and B = bourgeois government 
In the 2000s, the national debt has been about the same level and the annual debt interest reduces the possibility of the traditional Swedish welfare policy that the Social Democrats voters normally prefer. Now the money goes in interest to banks and other owners of bonds and the Social Democrats are forced to broadly pursue a bourgeois policy.

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